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Drought Concerns

•1 in 17 Homes will need repairs.
•Foundation cracks.
•Doors & Windows hard to open.
•Leaky Basements.
•Cracks in the foundation.
•Basement walls cracking.
•Basement floors settling.
•Snow melt will cause leaks.
•Spring rains will swell the soil and can cave foundations in

Lifetime Guarantees

•Several companies will state lifetime guarantee but on the back side of their contract it will exclude drought, flooding, and acts of God.
•Do they have children to train and pass on the knowledge into the future.
•Check their customer list and research the Better Business Bureau to see if they have complaints that are not satisfied.

Older Home Info

•Rocks moving and shifting breaks and loosens the mortar.
•Cement blocks will bow into your basement.
•If your foundation caves in homeowners insurance will not cover the loss.
•Water leaks can cause mold and then long term health problems.
•Older homes require years of experience to repair them the proper way.